Working with other churches

Sutton Baptist Church has always believed that divisions in God's church hinder our mission and prevent us being the sign to the world that Christ intended. On his last night with his disciples Jesus prayed that his disciples would be one, in order that the world might believe.

We take this very seriously and so we are part of an Ecumenical partnership with our neighbour churches Trinity (URC/Methodist) and St Nicholas (Anglican). 

In January 2001 we entered into the following covenant: "Churches Uniting in Central Sutton reaffirm the Covenant with God and with each other to work and pray together that a spirit of oneness in Christ be visibly demonstrated in shared life and through service and witness to the wider community ... We aim not to do anything separately that we could do together."

An “Ecumenical Council” meets frequently to plan this united work.

All our evening services are shared with each other as well as at least three united morning services each year.

In addition to this, we share in a variety of other united events including ....

Lent Talks and a Maundy Thursday Communion Service

Jointly arranged major musical events

A Christmas Carol Service

A Christmas Eve Midnight Communion

A Christmas Day Celebration

'Pulpit swaps' where the clergy of our three churches conduct services in one of the other churches

Shared fund-raising activities during Christian Aid Week

We publish a monthly magazine together called "Unite!"